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Product: PHILIPS Achieva Mobile MRI MXR101170—-MR2339



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  • Location: NJ Warehouse
  • Availability: NOW
  • NIS: MXR101170
Philips Achieva
Philips Achieva

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PHILIPS Achieva Mobile MRI MXR101170—-MR2339



* 2001 Calumet Coach



  • SMART-SCAN Brain
  • 2D-VCG
  • 3D Spine View
  • 16 Rf Channels
  • 3D Body View
  • Advanced EPI
  • Grab SE
  • 3D Brain View
  • High Sense Factors
  • Extended FOV
  • Keyhole
  • DWI
  • Phase Navigators
  • TE > TR
  • Thrive
  • Q-Flow
  • Contrast Enh Perf
  • Moving bed imam
  • Adv. Moving bed imam
  • Adv peripheral amigo
  • High end recon
  • black blood repulse
  • body rasp navigators
  • MSMP
  • Multilane
  • Cardiac triggered IR
  • Retrospective
  • Prop. motion corer
  • T1 Perfusion
  • 3D breast view
  • SR-mid
  • Diffusion calk
  • Perfusion calk
  • Q-flow analysis
  • SR-MAX
  • Routine UI
  • XML/REC data export
  • Mobi view
  • Patient Condition UI


*Dual 281 Water cooled Gradients, S30 RF Amplifier


Coil List

  • 8CH Sense Knee Coil
  • SHNC Head Coil
  • Flex Coil Medium
  • Flex Coil Large
  • 8 CH Sense Head Coil
  • 8 Ch Sense Foot/Ankle
  • 15 Ch Spine
  • 8 CH Sense Wrist
  • 16CH XL Torso
  • Sense Shoulder Coil
  • 16CH Sense NV Coil


Additional Details


  • 57m (5.15 ft) in length


  • Wide patient opening has a 110 cm (43 inch) flare Patient bore diameter is 60 cm (23.6 inch), length 60cm


  • Comfortable patient support- patients weighing up to 250 kg (550 lbs) to be comfortably positioned