Used X-Ray Machines

X-rays are type equipment that use electromagnetic radiation, just like visible light. X-ray machines send individual x-ray particles through the body. The images are recorded on a computer or film.

At Nationwide the quality starts with the selection of the equipment we purchase. Since we perform our own warranties and service, we must select only the finest in pre-owned devices so that we can minimize our exposure to after installation service problems.

When the final day comes for the X-ray equipment at its current location, Nationwide crews perform final testing on the system before we remove power from the unit. These tests are to determine the condition of the system before it is removed and shipped. Once these test are performed and documented, the unit is turned off. Power is removed and the cables are disconnected and labeled then neatly packed.

All major components are unbolted from the floor and pad wrapped to protect the finish of the components. OEM dollies are attached to the base of the major pieces and removed to be own transported by a modern air ride semi trailer. The X-ray machines are strapped down within the trailer for a secure ride.

Once the X-ray equipment arrives at the Nationwide facility it is again inventoried. The covers of the pieces are removed from the system and tagged as to their location and system number. The covers are taken to the cosmetic repair center to be prepped, masked and painted to the OEM colors or one of those specified by the customer.

The main components are cleaned with a variety of processes that sterilize, cleanse, and prepare these devices for cosmetic’s and operations. There are then moved into a testing area where they are cabled up and power applied. The system tested thoroughly to determine if all manufactures mandatory upgrades have been performed. Any items that do not exceed the manufacturers specifications or are close to deteriorating are replaced.

Once the X-ray machine has been thoroughly and completely tested and checked, the covers are reattached and the system is energized for a whole day to monitor for system faults under test and heated operations. Once this is competed the system is then certified reconditioned. The X-ray machine is de-cabled and wrapped for its move to a new location.

There the X-ray equipment will be professionally installed by one of Nationwide’s crews.