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● Sensation 16- Delivered Install With 1 Year Full Warranty $135,000 -3 Year $215,000
● Sensation 40- Delivered Install With 1 Year Full Warranty $160,000 -3 Year $265,000
● Sensation 64- Delivered Install With 1 Year Full Warranty $195,000 -3 Year $295,000

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2007 GE Bright Speed 16 Elite NISR8090
August 2015 Tube with 28,451,328 MAS as of Jan 5, 2016
SW: 11BW46.3 SP2-2-1 HP G16 G HPT

G Das 16, Helical Tilt, Auto Ma, Power 440, Patient 16,
3000 Image Series, Direct 3d, 90 Kva, Copy Composer, Direct – MPR, Data Export, Neuro Filter, Enhanced, Recon, Volume Viewer, Auto Bone, Card Iq Snap Shot, Noise Reduction Filter, CT Perfusion Neuro, Smart Score Pro, Advance Vessel Analysis, Connect Pro, EKG Viewer, Card IQ Plus

Available End Feb 2016
Located in NJ
2007 GE LightSpeed VCT 64 NISR8089
2015 Hercules Tube with 112,108 SS as of Jan 19, 2016

Smarty Prep, Vct Hi Power, Patient 64 Slice, Sub 0.4 Second Scan, Direct MPR, Data Export, 3000 Image Series, Automa, Copy Composer, Volume Viewer, CardiqPro, Adv Vessel Analysis, Auto Filter and Transfer, Ct Perfusion 3 Neuro, Noise Reduction Filter, Cardiq Snap Shot, Autobone, Neuro Filter, Smartscore, EKG Viewer, VCT 85KW Power, Dynamic Z Axis Tracking

Available End of Feb
Located In NJ
GE Discovery MR750 3.0T MRI Scanner
See how the Discovery MR750w gives you the experience you deserve, the performance you desire and the versatility you demand.

Its full 3.0T magnet and 70 cm bore work together to generate extraordinary image quality without compromises. The result for clinicians is new levels of diagnostic performance.

Patients benefit from a more comfortable scan experience. Beyond the widened bore and soft, flexible coils, the table surface has been completely re-designed to help alleviate pressure points for a more relaxing exam.
SIEMENS Sensation 64 CT Scanner
One of the most popular and top selling 64-slice scanners in the world.

A significant improvement in visualization of the finest details is what physicians expect from CT technology.

The SOMATOM Sensation 64 meets this requirement by pushing the boundaries of temporal and spatial resolution to a new level, with previously unachievable image quality.


Nationwide offers a full range of value added services designed from acquisition to maintenance.


Nationwide proudly offers world-class Climate controlled warehousing services for all Diagnostic Imaging Medical Equipment.


Our team can assemble and pre-test your medical equipment in our state of the Art Staging Bays.


Nationwide specially designed crates for air and ocean freight to protect equipment during transportation.


Nationwide has the ability to supply all the necessary equipment & services to accomodate all your Rigging needs.

De-Install / Install

Nationwide has developed a cost effective process for De-installation and Installation of all Diagnostic Medical Imaging Equipment.

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