Turning a blind eye towards cheaper and affordable solutions in medical imaging field was used to be an obligation.

Will this medical equipment work the way it should?

Why are the previous owners letting go of it?

Am I risking the results just for the sake of some money?

These questions can cloud your thinking to a broader extent than the imaging equipment can predict. While being in this industry for over 25 years, we have faced every sort of permutation and combination of these specific queries.
Gaining trust was important, and with that prospect in mind, we started working towards our cumulative goal of best and affordable medical care.

Our hard work started paying off around 2004 when we were honored with an award of excellence from International Association of Medical Equipment Remarketers and Servicers (IAMERS) for our undulated passion and integrity. They took heed of our professional and ethical dealings, and within a year’s time, we bagged the same award, twice in a row!
If you are looking to buy used medical equipment, then we can help you find multiple manufacturers of fixed, modular, and mobile CT scanners, MRI, and other such medical imaging equipment. They are all in used condition and will be delivered to you in a manner that you won’t be able to tell the tale.

Our services vary from equipment only to multi-year warranty of the products. You can also avail extensive benefits related to shared risk contracts [for limited uses] or full-service contracts. We provide financing options, staff training and part servicing and replacement as well.

We are an FDA registered facility, and all your purchase with us is safe, secured and value for money.

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