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Product: 2013 GE Discovery 750 HD CT – MXR106882



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  • Location: NJ WH
  • Availability: NOW
  • NIS: MXR106882
GE Discovery 750 HD
GE Discovery 750 HD

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2013 GE Discovery 750 HD CT – MXR106882


Data Acquisition System: HDAS_HD_64

Software Version: 14MW24.7.V40_PS_HD64_G_GTL


Tube: 2018 Perceus HD Tube

Tube Install Date: Dec 25th 2022

Tube mAs: 9,200




License Options:

Smart Score Pro

Gemstone Spectral Imaging

Volume Viewer

Connect Pro

Patient 64 Slice

Sub 0.4 Second Scan

VCT Hi Power

EKG Viewer

CardIQ SnapShot

CardIQ SnapShot – CINE

SnapShot Assist

Enhanced Xtream Injector

GSI SnapShot Pulse

Noise Reduction Filter

Enhanced GSI

Helical Shuttle

Exam Split

Direct MPR

Smart Prep


Xtream Recon

Neuro Filter

Image Check

High Pitch Helical – 1.53

mA Profile

Copy Composer

AWE Connection

Auto Filter and Transfer


3000 image Series

Dynamic Z-Axis Tracking

kV Assist

Organ Dose Modulation

Data Export

Dynamic Transition

Overlapped Recon – Axial

High Resolution

SnapShot Assist Temporal Enhance